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Want to try the best pizza in toronto?

Are you hungry for the best pizza in Toronto? Are you looking to satisfy your cravings?  Then stop by Lambretta Pizzeria . With locations in Leslieville and the Roncesvalles, we bring flavor and freshness to Torontonians all over the city. Our pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients in our brick oven to create the perfect bite each time.


At Lambretta Pizzeria, we make pizzas that appeal to every type of food lover. Our chefs make thin crust, mouth-watering traditional Roma, and Bianca pizzas every day with only the freshest ingredients.  Whether you are in the mood for a Margherita, Fungi, or Quattro  Fromaggi pizza, Lambretta Pizzeria has the best pizza in Toronto! With the sun out and patio season upon us, it is the perfect time for you and your loved ones to visit our Leslieville and Roncesvalles locations. As a hotspot for the best pizza in Toronto and with a friendly, family-oriented staff, we make sure that you'll leave wanting more.


There is nothing better than enjoying a fresh slice of pizza on a patio. Don't waste another day. Take advantage of the sun, satisfy your cravings and stop by Lambretta Pizzeria to indulge yourself with the best pizza in Toronto!

Lambretta Pizzeria has located in Roncesvalles and Leslieville and serves many neighbourhoods in Toronto. If you’re in Parkdale, The Junction, Riverdale, or Cabbage Town, stop by for a slice today.

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